Meeting and Times for Activities will be updated throughout the year, please check back frequently and keep an eye out in the Spartan Chronicle for information related to activities!


Herrick Activity Guide 2023-24 (click here to view)   

Activity Bus Info: The Herrick activity bus allows our regular bus riders to enjoy after-school activities or stay for help with teachers and still get a ride home! The activity bus leaves Herrick at approximately 4:10 P.M., Tuesday – Thursday. Please note: our driver creates the route customized to the students who are riding each day, and covers the entire Herrick attendance area. The activity bus ride could potentially be much longer than a regular bus ride because of this. Also, we require students to have a pass to ride the activity bus from the teacher they were with. This prevents other children from hanging around unsupervised for 45 minutes and then taking the bus home.