Lester Time Capsule

In December 2020, Lester students and staff discovered what life was like at Lester in 1994 when they opened the Lester Time Capsule! 

The Lester Time Capsule was assembled and inserted into a wall at Lester in June 1994, during a school construction project. Lester originally intended to open the capsule at a large event during the 2019-20 school year; however, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented this gathering from occurring.

"We would have loved to have all of the students, teachers and Lester community members be part of this epic unveiling, but due to the current times, we had to get creative in how we would share this amazing reveal to our school community," said Principal Carin Novak. 

Instead, Mrs. Novak, Assistant Principal Katie Novosel and Administrative Intern Nicole Ring created three videos to share this momentous occasion! Check it out!


Video 1: Current Lester Students Make Predictions

The first video contains predictions of what might be in the Time Capsule from current students at Lester School. Predictions varied from “chalk for chalkboards” - “records or tapes” - “pictures of Michael Jordan and the Bulls because they won” to “Beanie Babies and Barbie Dolls because they were popular”.

Video 2: Lester Opens Its Time Capsule!

The second video shows Geoff Neustadt actually taking the Time Capsule out of the wall. It was a very quick process due to the fact that he just needed to remove the cover. The Time Capsule itself had a space built into the Library Learning Center. Once Geoff removed the cover we were able to see the contents inside!

Video 3: Discoveries from the 1994 Time Capsule

The third and final video is a compilation of the items that were found in the Time Capsule. We found photographs, letters, student work samples, Happy Meal toys, and best of all a VHS! In this video, 6th grade students from 1994 took us on a tour of Lester School and interviewed staff members.

We will be placing contributions from our current Lester students and staff back into the Time Capsule and sealing it up over the Winter Break. It will be ready to be opened again 25 years from now in 2045.

If there are any former Lester students who were part of the 1994 Time Capsule and believe that they have a work sample that was locked inside, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Novak to potentially retrieve it. (Send your name and the grade level/teacher you had at the time, along with your contact information.)