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Principal: Mrs. Michelle Rzepka
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Christine Clavenna   

Welcome to Hillcrest School! Hillcrest opened its doors on February 18, 1952 in response to the growth of Downers Grove after World War II. Over the years, the physical building has been expanded twice, first in 1957 and then in 1993. One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the Hillcrest community. The Hillcrest community consists of dedicated staff, involved parents and enthusiastic students. Please take a look around and come back soon!

We BELIEVE That . . .

Children are our highest priority.

Hillcrest must be a safe and friendly place.

Teamwork is an intrinsic part of a successful  school.

Learning is a shared responsibility of the student,  home, school and community.

“Finding the positive” keeps us moving forward.

Students learn best when actively engaged in a  respectful environment.

High expectations within the school community are essential.

Leading by example is powerful.

We are a part of a community where kindness, trust,  respect and patience create an environment for  optimal learning, teaching and working. 

The Hillcrest School Parent Handbook includes information that can help you become familiar with many of the procedures and practices we follow on a daily basis. Please check out the Parent Handbook for A-Z descriptions, and many of the FAQs you might be thinking about will be answered.  Never hesitate to call the office (630-719-5840) with any questions, or for further clarification.
    Staff and students focus on ALL CHARACTER TRAITS all of the the time while teaching, in classroom meetings, small group sessions, and as they move through their daily routines to build those very important teacher-student relationships. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions, and are given examples of real life situations in order to better learn and understand the importance of good life skills. While referring to all character traits, we do pay special attention to one trait throughout each month.
    Here's our plan:
    Courage - September; Respect - October;  Responsibility - November;   Honesty - Dec/ January;  
    Caring - February; Cooperation - March; Environment - April;    Citizenship - May

    Congratulations to our May Hound Dogs of the Month!  These students are being recognized for their continuous efforts and demonstration of truly PAWSOME character.  Please stop by to read the bulletin board in the main entrance to learn more about each of these spectacular students.


    Barclay AM- Katie Lauer

    Barclay PM- Amelia Van Bergen

    Walker-Jack Braner

    Flannery-  Joshua Taylor

    Prosser- Will Bendure

    Redpath- Cameron Gierman

    Krumwiede- Brock and Drew Wardlow

    D’Angelo- Karsen Kras

    Anderson- Arabel Thurston

    Peksa- Jimmy Riley

    Macdonald- Carson Kass

    Skolimowski- Callie Santiago

    Rowland- Audrey Lee

    Cerny-  Greta Sernuite

    Smoke- Hillary Morris

    Murphy- Emery Teague/Elisabeth Mooney

    Demlow- Matthew McSweeney

    Andrews- Mike Benson




    Members of the 2015-16 Hillcrest Student Council:

    Girl President:  Ryann Wendt 

    Boy President:  Hugh Lang

    Vice President of Committees:  Emery Teague

    Vice President of Communications:  Jack Benge

    Clerical Secretary:  Audrey Stanton

    Recording Secretary:  Hillary Morris


    4th Grade Class Representatives:  

    Philip Hannon, Sonali Marion, Jack Stanton, Avery West


    5th Grade Class Representatives:  

    Georgia Genin, Zachary Leinart, Elizabeth Reilly, Matthew Crowley


    6th Grade Class Representatives:  

    Jackie Kuczkowski, Brooks Johnson, Sean Steele, Kyla Sherry



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District Resources

Principal: Michelle Rzepka
Assistant Principal: Christine Clavenna
Secretary: Lisa Reinhart
Clerk: Lauren Filip
Address: 1435 Jefferson Ave. Downers Grove, IL 60516
Phone: (630) 719-5840
School hours: 8:20 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.