Welcome to Curriculum Night!


This is a guideline of what we will be discussed tonight. Feel free to take notes and/or ask questions at any time during the presentation.


Meet the Team: Our Kindergarten program has a “team” that helps support our children on a daily basis.

            Mrs. Van Milligan – Reading Specialist

                        Mrs. Pitassi, Mrs. Tupy, Miss Metcalfe, Miss Craig – Reading Aides

            Mrs. McIlvane – Resource Teacher

            Mr. Willard – Speech/Language Therapist

            Mrs. Lewis – Social Worker

            Mrs. Schmidtt – Occupational Therapist

            Mrs. Leach – ELL Teacher

            Ms. Gorman – School Pychologist

            Mr. Stange and Mrs. Cunningham – Administrators

            Mr. Gordon - Custodian

            YOU - your child’s best advocate


Daily Routines: Structure and Routines are KEY!

            School Hours:

                        AM Class: 8:20 – 11:05am

                        PM Class: 12:10 – 2:55pm

                        Line up is on the playground in the designated areas. Remember the playground is “closed” upon arrivals. If your child is late to school, you need to take him/her to the front door and sign in with the office. At dismissal time, both classes are dismissed through the same doors that we enter the building. Please wait patiently outside with the other parents. The children will be dismissed one at at time. If your child takes a bus home or to daycare, a teacher/safety patrol will be sure that your child gets to the correct bus. Please send notes/schedules to let me know if there is a change in your child’s dismissal plan. If your child is going home with someone other than the regularly designated person(s), please send a DATED NOTE with the name of the who will be picking up your child and your phone number in case we need to call you. In addition, children may only ride home on their designated bus.


            Absences: Please call the school office (630-719-5850) to let them know that your child will not be at school. We share everything here in Kindergarten, so if your child is sick, please keep them home. If your child has a fever, he/she can return to school when he/she if “fever free” for 24 hours, without medication. Feel free to let me know also, but your FIRST call is to the office. All papers will come home with your child upon his/her return to class.


            Backpacks/Outer Gear: Please have your child bring their backpack each and everyday. It is their responsibility to get their take home folders out of their bag at the start of class. Please check your child’s backpack and folder at the end of the day. Empty all contents, except for the folder and monthly calendar. The calendar is part of our math program and behavior management program. Please dress for the weather. Remember, the more they wear to school, the more they have to put on independently at the end of the day. Label everything!!!

            Snacks/Food: We are a Peanut Free Classroom. We do Not have snack breaks as part of our Kindergarten program. Please be sure that your child eats an adequate meal prior to coming to school. Please do not put any food in their backpacks. Water bottles are allowed and encouraged. Please fill them with water only. Spills happen often. Water is easy for clean up (as opposed to sticky substances).


            Birthdays: Birthdays are celebrated with your child by the class singng “Happy Birthday”. No birthday treats are allowed. Also, birthday invitations may NOT be sent home to students through the school or classroom.



Classroom Management: I try to create a “relationship based” curriculum, using many strategies from our SEL Curriculum. We review the classroom rules/schedule at the start of each class. We discuss/review expectations throughout our day. Modeling is key for the children. Positive reinforcements (smiles, pats on the back, high fives, compliments) and reminders are given throughout the day. Please check the monthly calendar daily. Fridays are “Smarty Party” days. Donations of Smarties bags of candy are always welcome. “Sombeck Smiles” are earned as we receive compliments from staff members.


Curriculum: Please refer to the District 58 Parent Handbook. Please sign the sheet that you have received this handbook and return to me asap.

            Scot Foresman Reading Series

            Jolly Phonics/Michael Heggerty

            Math In Focus

            Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

            Write Source

            Social Studies/Science

            “Specials”: As part of our Kindergarten program, our children participate in Music, LRC, Art, SEL, Computer Lab, and PE.

                        Monday – Music with Mrs. Bouhyus

                        Wednesday – LRC with Ms. McPherrin

                        Thursday (every other) – Art with Mr. Belonio 

                        Friday (every other) – Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with Mrs. Lewis

                        As we get into the school year, we will be having PE and going to the Computer Lab. These schedules are yet to be determined. These lessons will be directed by me.

            Small Reading Groups: We have small reading groups DAILY with Mrs. Van Milligan and her team. We will be starting these groups mid- September. These groups meet for approximately 30 minutes.


            Homework: There is no homework in our Kindergarten program. I encourage you to read daily, play daily, laugh daily and enjoy this special time with your child. However, we will be doing monthly reading logs. You will receive this at the beginning of the month and return it at the end of the month. We have a chart where we write down how many books your child has read that month. At the end of the year, we will find out how many books the class has read! We will also be doing “All About Me” posters (each child will have a designated week). This will start late September. More information to follow.



Parent – Teacher Conferences: Please sign up tonight for both the Fall conference and the Winter conference. Please note both your name and child’s name. Conference reminders slips will be sent home a few days prior to our meetings. This is a time for us to discuss the report card and your child’s progress.


Field Trips:  We get to go to the Brookfield Zoo!!

            Save the Date: April 24! Yes, I need many volunteers. You will be receiving information/permission slip/volunteer sign-up slip about this trip in March. Both classes will be going at the same time (8:25am – 1:30pm) and we all ride the yellow school buses. No siblings are allowed to attend.


PTA:  Please consider becoming a member of our PTA and getting involved in all the activities provided by our PTA. Our classes participate in all school assemblies that are appropriate. Also, the room parties (Halloween, Valentines’ Day) are provided by the PTA.


Half – Day Attendance Days: September 18 NO PM CLASS

            You can find our school calendar on the district website. Notes will be sent home as reminders in advance.


Communication: Feel free to contact me at anytime. Please allow me 24 hours to respond.

            Phone calls: Call the school office at 630-719-5850 and leave a message for me to call.

            E-mail me at ssombeck@dg58.org

            Follow the District 58 Website and my webpage (under construction)

            Write me notes

            Watch for Kindergarten Newsletters


I do have many things that need to copied, collated, cut-out and organized during the school year. If you are available to volunteer some time to help me with various projects, please let me know. I appreciate any and all help. You will be working in the nice, cool workroom – it has air conditioning!


I am excited to get to know your child and your family. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year. Thank you for coming to this meeting tonight. And, thank you for the support you have already shown me.


Shar Sombeck

Kindergarten Teacher