1:1 Initiative Philosophy

District 58 focuses on helping all students learn and grow. The 1:1 initiative empowers teachers and students to engage in learning the district’s curriculum through traditional and digital materials. 1:1 devices allow our students and teachers access to a variety of resources at all achievement levels, participate in differentiated learning activities based upon the skills and concepts that they need to learn, and develop unique learning products that demonstrate their understanding of the curriculum objectives.

Downers Grove District #58 Mission Statement

The mission of District 58, in partnership with parents and community, is to challenge and engage each child by providing quality educational programs and support services in a safe, nurturing, and child-centered environment in order to prepare all students to be lifelong learners and contributing members of a global society.

Core Belief Statements

  • Each student is capable of learning and deserves to be educated and challenged to reach his/her highest potential.

  • Education is the foundation for success, both in academic achievement and social emotional development.

  • Within each child, we will cultivate the social awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making skills necessary to be a contributing member of society.

  • Educators, students, families, and community members should work together to support the healthy development of all students.

  • The school environment should be stimulating and engaging, with opportunities for creative, collaborative, and meaningful learning experiences.

  • The school environment should be safe, friendly, and nurturing, where everyone comes to learn, grow, and develop.  

Vision Statement

  • We Envision a school district that inspires children, sparks creative and innovative thinking, celebrates diversity, and builds visionaries.

  • We Seek an education that excites minds, touches spirits, challenges abilities, and prepares our children for life.  

  • We Believe every child should be expected to grow, stretch, evolve and embrace the challenges of the future in a global environment.

1:1 Initiative Goals and Objectives

  • Access

  • Authenticity

  • Equity

  • Choice

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Critical Thinking

Pertinent Standards and Education Initiatives

  1. Common Core

  2. 21st Century Learning

  3. SAMR Framework

  4. ISTE Nets

  5. PARCC

  6. PERA


1:1 Programs

  1. National Education Technology Plan Summary

  2. Project Red

  3. 10 Lessons from Mooresville

  4. Castle Research

  5. 1to1 Programs that Work

  6. Draft List of known Schools in Illinois that are 1:1 - Many more but there is no formal list- We are in the process of verifying these

  7. List of iPad initiatives

  8. Illinois EETT Grant Recipients for Pilot 1:1 Programs

  9. Canby Innovation Program 2012 - Canby School District Results

  10. Collaborative Collection of Research on Mobile Learning

  11. Short list of some research / Secondary Short List

  12. ISTE 1to1 SIG

  13. List of Comprehensive Resources


Parent Tech Support Opening Launch Sessions